Friday, December 5, 2008

My Christmas List

Following is my much-anticipated :) Christmas list. I put together my list last week, and then everything changed over the weekend. I went skate skiing for the first time, and pretty much fell in love with the sport. It was fast-paced, technique-driven, incredibly challenging, and a phenomenal cross-training workout. So now, all I really want is skate skies. I can just picture myself cruising around the groomed trails all winter long, taking occasional breaks in the warming hut to fuel up with hot chocolate and cookies. It's all about the hot chocolate with marshmallows.
Skate Skies

Depeche Mode, Music for the Masses (vinyl)
Eddie Bauer down comforter

Craft Thermal Split Finger Glove

North Face Ultra 104 GTX XCR trail running shoes

The Shock Doctrine, by Naomi Klein

North face booties
Title Nine Metro Sweater

Nick Drake, Pink Moon (vinyl)

Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides


kels said...

do you accept burned copies of cds ? ;) if so, let me gift you pink moon- its one of my favs.

kristinleigh said...

I already have the cd...but now I want it on vinyl :) I love Nick Drake. But thanks, though!

kels said...

ahhh haha. i see. i was skimmming!

did you and beth and people happen to meet up during thanksgiving?

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah, Eddie Bauer Down. Keeping me with a job :).