Monday, April 28, 2008

Saving the Best for Last

As always, my favorite part of vacation (and life) is discovering and sampling new culinary delights. Probably the most exciting stop during my time in Boston was exploring the historic North end of town, which is dominated by authentic Italian restaurants and mouth-watering pastry shops. On Saturday night, a local Bostonian pointed us to L'Osteria for a delicious Italian meal. Karen and I shared the Caesar salad and homemade lasagna, which might have been my all-time favorite. Afterwards, we made our way around the block to the legendary Mike's Pastry Shop, which had a line of people waiting for tables that stretched all the way down the street. We opted for the much shorter "to go" line and I ordered chocolate chip cannoli, which definitely hit the spot after dinner and, I'd like to think, fueled me though my marathon.

Other favorites during the trip included Legal Seafoods "If it isn't fresh, it isn't legal," a Boston chain, where I enjoyed the hot lump crab dip with seafood chips as an appetizer and the double stuffed baked shrimp (jumbo shrimp with buttery crabmeat stuffing) as an entree.

I also liked Z-Square, located in the heart of Harvard Square, which specializes in creative American home cooking. Although slightly more expensive prices than I like to see for lunch, the offerings were unique and tasty. I enjoyed the Italian Classico sandwich, with spicy cappocola, provolone cheese, roasted red pepper and balsamic vinaigrette on ciabatta. Karen opted for the Grilled cheese, a unique blend of roasted vegetables with blue, mozzarella, and Gruyere cheese.

I loved Herrell's Ice Cream in Cambridge, which is known for their "smoosh-ins" (kind of like Cold Stone with a personality). Great ice cream, interesting college town vibe. And finally, the sandwiches at Deluca's market were awesome, especially the award-winning roast beef. Definitely a great deli sandwich for $5.99. I love food.

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