Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bro Secures Hardrock 100 Spot

My brother, Kelly, just received word that he has secured a lottery spot in the 2008 Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run, which is scheduled for Friday, July 11, in Silverton, Colorado. The race is described as a "post graduate" run, and candidates must demonstrate elite qualifications to be considered for a spot. Kelly is one of 140 accepted runners. Not to mention probably the youngest, by far.

My brother sent me a great site, which details an ultra runner/photographer's experience capturing last year's race (pictures above). He describes how, in all his years running across the country, from the "pit of Death Valley" to the "deep jungles of Oahu and beyond", he has never experienced a race course as "gnarly and majestic" as Hardrock. He further explains that the Hardrock ultimate cross country ultra experience includes "Over 33, 000 feet of rocky vertical gain, most above 10,000 feet. The race directors expect that all of the runners are advanced and have detailed course experience. The trails are loosely marked and sometimes there are no markings and no trail at all. There are eleven passes all well over 12,000 feet! Countless creek and river crossings, hail storms, rain storms and lightning storms. Wild-oh yea-wild! Plenty of porcupine, elk, deer, sheep, goats and even bear roam the course day and night."

Wow, Kel! Congratulations on gaining a spot. I know it's been your dream for quite a while. Most people think you're crazy, but I'm just crazy proud.


kelsey said...
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kelsey said...

ah! what did I do?? i deleted my comment!

anyway- tell your brother congrats! that is going to be a crazy and amazing achievement!!!
(beautiful also!)
we have seen a few runners in the last few summers when we were in the high country and they are BURLY! way to go kelly for getting in and doing it!

holy crap! Ill just take another bite of my cookie here....

kelly said...

Thanks for the post! I'm definitely excited, but equally terrified of this epic course. It should be an adventure.