Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hanging In C-Springs

I had a fabulous time on vacation in Colorado. It was definitely one of my all-time favorites. Karen's sister, Kate, was a fantastic host and made sure that we had a great variety of adventures throughout the week. The first few days were spent in Colorado Springs, where we enjoyed meeting Kate's many friends, eating out (my favorites were Wooglin's Deli and Shuga's), seeing the film Juno, running the Pikes Peak Winter Series 8-miler, hiking in the foothills, and touring the USADA and USOC facilities. All in all, very entertaining, picturesque, and enjoyable. Not to mention the fact that it was nearly 60 degrees our first two days in Colorado Springs! Above are pics from the first few days in C-Springs.

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kelsey said...

hey welcome back! cant wait to see the phots! what is up with C springs? its friggin FREEZING and we have had the biggest winter in like 20 years. crazy time.