Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tapas and Aphrodisiacs

Erin and Mars

Erin, Katy, and Kristin (aka Soupe, Mish, and Krit)

(Mars and Erin...we love Mars)

I had a great time in St. Louis over the weekend. It was wonderful to catch up with Katy and Erin, see Erin’s new house (which is beautiful!), and explore St. Louis (I was impressed, despite the erratic weather and overall winter freeze.)

On Saturday, we spent most of the day exploring the area by Washington University. Erin, Katy, and I did a quick drive through campus, which was gorgeous as expected, with many beautiful buildings which definitely exuded an Ivy League atmosphere. We then shopped around the University district and picked up slices of pizza for lunch.

That night, we had dinner at Mosaic, which is a great modern fusion tapas restaurant in downtown St. Louis. We definitely sampled much of the menu including the flight of soup and a cheese plate, as well as several hot tapas including the Herb Gnocchi, Truffled Frites, and the Moroccan Tenderloin Kebobs. All were mouth watering and delicious.

After dinner, we headed to a hip part of town called Lafayette Square, where we enjoyed a beer at a local pub while we waited for a table at Bailey’s Chocolate Bar. (Did I mention it was pouring rain all night?) The Chocolate Bar is a restaurant and bar that specializes in fine desserts, cheeses, and aphrodisiacs. Of course, there was quite a wait since it was the weekend following Valentine’s Day.

Eventually, we secured a table on the insulated back deck, where we enjoyed the soothing pitter patter of the rain, great conversation, and drinks. Again, we heavily sampled the menu. (I found over the weekend that eating is what we do best.) We each tried one of the many varieties of chocolate martinis. I opted for the Chocolate Bar Signature Martini (hot), which was delicious. For dessert, we chose the Bailey’s Chocolate Brownie (a thick fudge brownie served warm, topped with Bailey’s Ice Cream and Caramel Sauce) and the Crème Brulee. We did not try the sorbet. Sorry, Mars. So that was Saturday in St. Louis (in a nutshell). Sunday is up next.

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