Friday, December 7, 2007

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I hope this holiday season finds you well. As you probably already know, I have been a very, very good girl this year. As such, below I have included my Christmas list for your reading pleasure.

1. Subscription to the The New Yorker

2. Running Pants (Spartan Pant (M) from Brooks)

3. Winter Hats (Pokydot or Ali Dots Hat from Jytte)

4. Ski Gloves (Women’s One Gloves from REI)

5. Running Gloves (Women’s Paradox Mitten from Brooks)

6. Smart Wool Socks

7. Silicone Rolling Pin

8. Prairie Fume Wine from Wollersheim Winery

9. Backpack (Paragon Pack from Patagonia)

10. Books/Vinyl Records

If you or the elves have any questions, please let me know. I promise to leave lots of milk and cookies this year, Santa! Love, Kristin


Jackie said...

Since you have the list on your blog, what is the guarantee there will be no duplicates.

kristinleigh said...

I don't think anyone besides you is planning on playing santa! Never any guarantees in life, mom.

Jackie said...

what about Karen?

k said...

you are too cute:)

~Missy said...

what a good idea :) maybe you'll get some special presents!