Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tis' the Season

'Tis the season to watch my all-time favorite movie, Serendipity. A true classic starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. Below is a plot synopsis:

In a bustling department store just days before Christmas, Jonathan meets Sara when both try to buy the same pair of gloves. Two strangers amid the masses in New York City, their paths collide in the mad holiday rush as they feel a mutual attraction. Despite the fact that each is involved in another relationship, Jonathan and Sara spend the evening travelling Manhattan. But when the night reaches its inevitable end, the two are forced into determining some kind of next step. When the smitten Jonathan suggests an exchange of phone numbers, Sara balks and proposes an idea that will allow fate to take control of their future. If they are meant to be together, she tells him, they will find their way back into one another's life.

The majority of the film takes place seven years later, and consists largely of repeated "almost coincidences" where the two romantic leads almost, but not quite, meet.

Love this movie. No complicated plot, nor deep rooted symbolism. Just a charming love story that always leaves me wishing for a real life version for myself. It will happen. Come hither, Jonathan Trager. I'm yours! I also love the movie's soundtrack. Especially Northern Sky by Nick Drake. Serendipity is the only movie that I can recite nearly ever line to (and obviously, in doing so, annoy the hell out of anyone watching it with me.) But, I can't help myself. This is the perfect holiday movie!

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