Friday, October 24, 2008

2008 K&K Chili Cookoff

Kristin & Karen

Chili Row

Chili Entrants

Cornbread lineup

The 2008 K&K Chili Cookoff Winners

Last night’s chili cookoff was a tremendous success. Although I didn’t come away a winner in any of the four categories, everyone had a lot of fun and enjoyed great chili, cornbread, and company.

Karen and I didn’t start making our chili until just before the party started, which was probably a big mistake—especially when I realized that my recipe needed to simmer for an hour and Karen discovered she didn’t have the main ingredient (ground beef) for her recipe and needed to run to the grocery store. Needless to say, we were a bit frenzied as our first guests arrived. I also nearly started a grease fire while making my chili and didn’t realize until after the party that I had the remnants (grease stains) all over my shirt! Oops. But that was just part of my presentation, right?

I couldn’t believe how many people, crock pots of chili, and loafs of cornbread fit into our house. It was wall to wall chaos. Once the tasting began, there were people hopping from chili to chili sampling from Dixie cups, competitors lobbying on behalf of their chili, and a whole lot of trash talking.

Once the ballots were tabulated, the following results were announced. Each winner was awarded a prize and the opportunity to say a few words.

Best Chili: (TIE) Scott’s Drunk Turkey Chili (Scott) and Wed Wheel Wagon Chili (Jessica & Zeke)
Best Cornbread: Kim’s Pumpkin Kornbread (Kim)
Best Named Chili: Wed Wheel Wagon Chili (Jessica & Zeke)
Best Presentation: Gereau Family Heritage Chili (Karen & Kate)

The party was probably our best yet. Everyone seemed to have so much fun and I love how all of our friends get along so well and seem to know each other through random connections. I also love a great theme party, and it’s awesome when you have guests who truly embrace the theme. As the party winded down, there was much chatting and strategizing for next year’s event. I for one will be putting together a strategy to get myself back on the podium. Luckily, I have plenty of time to perfect my recipe. Until next year…

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