Friday, October 17, 2008

Pumpkin Ravioli

Last night I tried my hand at a recipe for pumpkin ravioli that I found in the latest issue of Ready Made Magazine.

I made the "pumpkin puree" ahead of time, which definitely quickened the process last night. It was exciting to make my very first batch of home-made ravioli. I though it would be complicated and time consuming, but who knew it was as easy as mixing together a filling, folding small amounts in won ton wrapper triangles, and then boiling in batches of 10-12 for 2 minutes?

The browned butter topping was awesome, and would definitely work as a great accompaniment to many other pasta dishes. It was a great meal, and home-made ravioli was a new and unique culinary experience for me!


Katy Berner Stuhr said...

Hey Kristin! I live in a small condo building in Chicago, and one of my neighbors works for Ready Made. He was saying if you ever wanted to submit anything for the magazine, that you definitely should! He was happy to hear that you blog about it. Anyway, just thought I would pass that on if you were looking for something else to try!

kristinleigh said...

That is so cool! I'm very jealous of your neighbor :) I love Ready Made! I feel so unworthy compared to all of the crafting gods at Ready Made. But maybe someday I'll have a stroke of creative genius. Thanks so much for the tip!