Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Weekend Continued

Teddywedgers. It sounds gross, but it's really good. Promise.

Myles Teddywedgers is a small corner pasty shop on State Street, just across from the State Capitol. A pasty (not to be confused with a pastie) is a traditional Cornish miner’s lunch, most popular in the upper peninsula of Michigan, and usually made with hearty beef, potatoes, onions, rutabaga and seasoning. Myles Teddywedgers offers a variety of pasties, including chicken, veggie, pizza, salmon, and breakfast pie.

After the farmers' market, my parents and I headed to Teddywedgers for a quick lunch. My parents chose the chicken, and I opted for the pizza pasty. Very good stuff—cheap, quick, and filling. And I think Teddywedgers is a great little Madisonian gem. It’s the perfect lunch stop after the farmers' market where you can bask in the sun on a cool day and take in all of the excitement that surrounds the market.

After lunch, my parents and I enjoyed a bike ride (~15 miles round trip) to the Epplegarden, which is a nice pumpkin farm and apple orchard, just outside Madison in the farmlands of Fitchburg. Although my mom complained about the challenging hills on the way there, she was a trooper and on the way back we enjoyed a great tail wind and nice descents. At the orchard we sipped apple cider and took a hike around the orchard. As I’m sure you can imagine, it was a pretty popular place on Saturday afternoon, with many funny families standing on each other’s shoulders attempting to pick apples from the highest branches.

As a perfect ending to our fall day, we headed to the new Monroe Street Bistro for drinks and dinner. It's a great new addition to the Monroe Street neighborhood, and I will be blogging about it separately next.


Jackie said...

Kristin, I think I asked you once about the hills....I was not complaining. I thought I did pretty good on the bike ride. In fact I was right behind you the entire time.

kristinleigh said...

Kidding :) I couldn't even keep up with you on the way back!