Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sick and MIA

I realize I’ve been MIA. It has not been a good week. I’ve been very sick with a head cold ever since the marathon and am yet to fully recover. In fact, after a bout of insomnia late last week, things have actually gotten worse and spread to my throat. I sound like a 70-year old smoker, but am drinking lots of tea and trying to work through it.

Not only that, but last week I also broke my camera and my phone. I replaced my phone on Sunday, but my camera remains in pieces. Damn technology.

To top it off, the Badgers got slammed for the third weekend in a row, and I had to work Friday night and all-day Saturday at an on-campus alumni volunteer training program. Luckily the event went well, but I didn’t get to experience much of a weekend. On Sunday, my one day off, my head cold intensified and instead of being able to enjoy the beautiful 80-degree day, I made repeated trips to the Verizon kiosk at the mall. I looked around and wondered to myself, who the hell would go to the mall today? Then realized that I, too, was at the mall.

Enough bitching and onto more positive topics...

My friends Beth and Seif did phenomenally well at this past weekend’s Chicago Marathon. It was a very warm day out there, which made things extra tough. Beth finished in 4:13, and Seif in 4:15. And Seif reached her goal of beating P. Diddy. Well done, ladies.

And finally, my new employee started on Monday. Thus many new responsibilities, challenges, and experiences lie ahead. She’s already doing so well, and I’m very happy with my hiring decision. And it's great to feel part of a team again.

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Beth said...

Thanks Kristin!