Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Long Live the 80's

Over the weekend, I attended an 80’s-themed 40th birthday party at Nakoma Country Club in Madison. Random. How did I find myself at such a function, one might ask?

My friends Brodie and Lauren, who have been great friends of mine since college (I was even the maid-of-honor in their wedding two years ago!) invited me to go with them to the party, which was a birthday celebration for two of Lauren’s married clients who train at her West side Orange Shoe Gym.

The party was a blast, and I’m now inspired to throw an 80’s party of my own. Although we were notably lame, sporting little 80’s flair other than “Save Ferris” buttons, we promised each other that we would be well prepared for the the next 80’s party we’d surely find ourselves at soon.

One thing is for certain, these 40-some year olds sure knew how to roll. The 80’s decorations were fantastic, with movie posters and classic quotes adorning the stately country club decor. I loved the continual play list of 80’s hits, complete with music videos on a big screen, and watching everyone re-live their glory days on the dance floor while sporting tight-rolled jeans, leg warmers, and acid washed jeans. Not to mention the spread of amazing appetizers, cake, and of course, the open bar. Like I said, this was a party.

Mark my words, I will not be lame at the next 80’s party I attend.

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