Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vintage Vinyl Sale

This afternoon begins the popular annual vintage vinyl sale at St. Vinny's in Madison. I've heard great things, and have never been, so I'm pretty pumped to check it out this afternoon. Apparently the staff puts all of the great vinyl aside throughout the year and saves it for this annual sale. I'm hoping for some great finds!

St. Vincent de Paul’s 11th Annual Collectible Records Sale
Madison, WI
Basement of St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop
1309 Williamson Street
3-5:45pm Wednesday ($5 donation to enter)
9am-5:45 Thursday-Saturday (free admission)


kristinleigh said...

Follow up...I ended up going to the vinyl sale yesterday afternoon. It was a bit intimidating when I first walked in...all guys, and they were very hurriedly picking through the records. Ended up finding lots of good ones, probably too many. But all the proceeds go to a local food pantry, which is helping to alleviate my buyer's remorse. I was overall impressed with the sale and it's organization.

kelly said...

Sounds cool. Which records did you get?

kristinleigh said...

Quite a variety...some David Bowie, Talking Heads, Beatles, Tracy Chapman, Cheap Trick, etc.