Friday, July 27, 2007

Alas, The End of Summer is Inevitable

And yet, once again, we find ourselves at that slightly depressing point during the summer when we’re like, damn, the summer has gone by way too fast. And although I certainly don’t want to rush things any faster than need be, it might be time to start talking about fall fashion. I seem to have a recent obsession with dresses. And this wrap dress from Banana Republic is my current top pick. It comes in classic black, as well as both a brown and gray herringbone print. So professional and perfect for work, yet also appropriate for a variety of other social functions. Not that I ever have enough of those to go to. I just collect dresses and hope I’ll have something to wear them to eventually. I think you’re actually suppose to have an event in mind before selecting an appropriate dress. But this, obviously, is not the way I do business. For me, it’s find the perfect dress, then pray for an appropriate event. And like I said, I never have enough of those, which is actually probably a good thing. So, I get my use out of ‘em by wearing them to work and continually becoming annoyed when people ask, why are you all dressed up today? That has always been my pet peeve. Because I want to be, damn it.

So yes, I purchased the dress in the gray herringbone print, which one of our flaming assistant managers assured me I could wear through March. And that’s like more than half the year, so I figure it will give me great mileage. That’s really my favorite part about working at BR—whenever I go in there to try on clothes, I have like five personal shopping assistants to help me put together outfits. This is why you should never, never go shopping alone, unless you want to waste a boat load of money on clothes that might not look good on you. Never trust yourself. An honest opinion goes a long way in getting you in clothes that look great, which ultimately give you the most bang for your buck.

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