Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bleacher Creature

On Sunday morning, we awoke early to drive into the city for the Cubs game. It was a perfect summer day. Wrigleyville was pure chaos. Bleacher tickets, which have a face value of $40, were going for $150 a pop. There was panic amongst the group when Erin discovered that four of her tickets were, in fact, not bleacher tickets, meaning that we would not be able to all sit together. I was also disappointed to find that the person who was supposed to buy my extra ticket no longer needed it. Thus, we were scrambling at the last minute to trade and sell tickets. No luck on trading seats for bleachers, but I did end up selling my second ticket for exactly what I paid for it, which was a great relief. We finally headed into the game, and parted ways into two groups. Amazingly, I located my college roommate KJ in the stands, and sat with her and her husband Nate for the duration of the game.

Long story short, the Cubs destroyed the Brewers. And Wrigleyville is overrated. Definitely nothing like a Badger football game. But maybe that’s because I don’t find baseball all that exciting, nor spectator sports in general. There was, however, good people watching in the stands. Very entertaining. Especially when everyone started singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."

At some point during the game, maybe after I heard the aforementioned song, I decided that I needed a beer and a hot dog—the quintessential ball game meal. As the concession stand man was pouring my beer, I realized that I had left my ID in my other purse which was still in Naperville. Damn. I told the man that I didn’t have my ID and he asked if I had anything else. I frantically fingered through my wallet, eventually producing my UW staff ID, which he clearly mistook as a college ID. I explained that it had no birth date listed, but was the only picture ID I had. He said, “That works. If you’re in college, then you’re old enough to drink.” Word.

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