Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tour Party

Last Friday we had a Tour de France party at the office over the lunch break. It was great fun. Everyone was assigned a team, and the idea was to bring a food or beverage from the country associated with your team. My team was T-Mobile, so I brought brownies. Because that’s German, right? Usually I'm much more creative, but this time I was admittedly disappointing. Here are some pictures from the party. Love the yellow jersey cookies and the Gerolsteiner water.

Speaking of the tour, yesterday’s breaking news was that Alexandre Vinokourov, a double stage victor of team Astana, tested positive for blood doping, and Astana has pulled out of the Tour. It’s also highly suspected that Michael Rasmussen, the current yellow jersey leader of Rabbobank, is also doping. Which proves my earlier point that they’re all dirty birds. Why would I even bother watching the tour? These are the only reasons I could come up with:

1. The dramatic crashes.
2. The historical significance and traditions associated with the tour.
3. The breathtaking scenery and challenging course.
4. Phil Liggett, Paul Sherwen, and Bob Roll.
5. Hot men in spandex with shaven legs (because I'm quite possibly the only female that actualy prefers this look).
4. The crazy-drunk, camera-happy spectators.

But, even so—I don't watch it.

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