Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Grand Arrival

When I arrived at Las Vegas airport last Wednesday morning, I quickly hurried through the airport and made my way down the last escalator, where I knew my parents would be waiting near the baggage claim area. I saw my mom immediately, who was grinning widely and quickly snapping several pictures of me as I glided down the escalator. I was a little surprised. So many pictures, so soon? And at the airport?

And that's when I saw my dad standing proudly, with a "Welcome to Las Vegas KOREVEC" sign, among several other drivers who were holding signs welcoming their guests. It was hilarious! He was standing next to some limo driver in a full suit. What a great and unexpected welcome!


katy said...

ha, it's like the paparazzi... only its your parents! :) you were their star for the day.

kelsey said...

ha! thats adorable.