Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Party Review

Although I'm obviously somewhat biased, I believe our St. Patty's Day Party was a HUGE success. Everyone had so much fun, and all of our friends got along extremely well.

The food was awesome and the games were super fun. Kim and her fiance, Matt, won the much-hyped limerick contest. It was certainly the sexual innuendos that clinched it for them. Our guests drank much more than we had anticipated, forcing Karen to make two beer runs during the party!

The funniest part of the evening was when Kate's realtor, Jolenta, whom she had just met that morning, showed up with her 8-year old son, Josh. Classic.

And I also enjoyed running the Shamrock 1ok on Sunday morning, despite being moderately hungover. I think that's good Boston Marathon training, right? I think they call it fatigue training. Very important.

And so now I'm off to Vegas for the rest of the week! I'll try to soak up plenty of sun for everyone :) Many stories and pictures when I return.

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