Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Vacation Pics

Cheers: Mom and Kristin celebrate with margaritas at El Jefe's Mexican Restaurant

Dad and Kristin

You call this vacation?
Completing a 19-mile Boston training run on Saturday morning
(my dad hung with me for ~15 miles!)

My Reward: Dessert from Layers, a delicious Vegas-area bakery

Java Addicts: Mom and Kristin enjoy a daily coffee run

Kristin and Pretty Flowers

My pool paradise for 5 glorious days of uninterrupted sun!


Jackie said...

Geez, who wants to see the pool, where is the picture of you by the pool???

kristinleigh said...

Ha. Nobody wants to see that!

Jackie said...

Who wants to see Kristin in her bikini laying by the pool?

kristinleigh said...

See, nobody!!!