Friday, March 28, 2008

Vacation Highlights

-Running from Nevada to Arizona with my dad (Boulder Junction to the Hoover Dam).

-Watching my mom, who recently taught herself how to swim, skillfully swim laps at the pool with confidence and ease.

-Finding a beautiful hat for my upcoming trip to the Kentucky Derby.

-Enjoying many meals out—including delicious pizza at Grimaldi’s Pizza, a small chain based out of Brooklyn, and a mouth-watering burger and freshly-cut fries from In-N-Out Burger.

-Completing a 19-mile Boston training run and having my dad by my side for most of the way.

-Enjoying Henderson, Nevada (where my parents live), which, although only 10-miles from the strip, seems worlds away.

-Chatting over daily coffee at the District with my mom.

-Enjoying the sun, laying by the pool, and feeling consistently warm outside.

-Bouldering at Calico Basin, Red Rock Canyon, and proudly realizing that my mom is in the best shape of her life!

-Hitting 4 deuces on video poker and leaving Vegas $60 richer!

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