Friday, May 30, 2008

Madison Mallard's Season Opener

Kim and Kristin

Season Opener

Matt, Kim, and Kristin

Karen's Aquathon #1

Last night was a very busy evening. After working late, Karen and I sped to Warner Park to catch the start of her aquathon race (1000 meter swim/5000 meter run). I usually partake in the monthly events, but opted out of this one, the series opener, because of unseasonably cold lake temperatures. I think I made the right decision since several swimmers swam back to shore just minutes after starting. They said it was too painful. Karen persevered and did very well. I was proud of her swimming skills out there, and it was fun to cheer her on as a spectator this time.

Afterwards, we headed to the Madison Mallard's (a summer collegiate baseball team) season opener to meet up with our friends Kim and Matt. We were an hour late to the game by the time the aquathon finished. It was pretty much pouring the whole time, although we were safe and dry under cover. I honestly can't tell you the name of the opposing team, nor who won the game. But baseball games are rarely about that for me. And I did have a wonderful time hanging out with Kim, Matt, and Karen, and of course enjoyed my concession treats (a "Chicago" hot dog and popcorn). It was a good night, but I sure am hoping for better weather this weekend.

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