Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rugged Yet Refined

I found the perfect summer shoes while I was in Boston last month. At a large shoe store in Cambridge, I fell in love with the hot, strappy numbers pictured left. I chose the "Aquarius" in brown/pistachio. I had seen them pictured in a Garnet Hill catalog earlier in the spring, but when I actually had the chance to try them on and confirm that they are, indeed perfect, the opportunity was just too good to pass up.

And so I must admit that I've rarely taken them off the past two months. They're sporty and feminine, strappy and practical, colorful and simple, rugged yet refined. And SO comfortable. I would recommend them to anyone.

The shoe brand is called J-41 Footwear. More product information is available here. The Web site offers the following product description: "Combining a highly-functional design with exceptional style, J-41™ Footwear sets a pace well above the crowd. From leisurely outings to more intensive activities, J-41™ is a high performance “go anywhere” shoe that looks and feels great. A roadmap — gently embedded in our soles — symbolizes the unique and very special adventure that each of us embarks upon."

So please, go get your own strappy number. You won't be disappointed. You also won't be able to take them off. I've seen the shoes being sold at Zappo's, REI, etc. Should you chose to accept your mission, good luck.


Jackie said...

I bet they leave wonderful tan lines ;)

kristinleigh said...

Oh yes, I'm sporting those already. Very hot. Nice and spotty. But if you can get over those, the shoes are pretty amazing.