Friday, May 9, 2008

Wisconsin Admissions Director Milks Cow

Today was an interesting day. Part of it consisted of accompanying my office's director to our campus' Dairy Cattle Center to take pictures of him milking a cow. Classic. Dr. Rob Setlzer, Director of Admissions at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, milking a cow. And he was such a good sport!

So how did this all come about you may ask. I am on a committee that is charged with planning the 2009 Big Ten Admissions Director's Conference, which will take place at UW-Madison next May. At this year's conference (which is at Purdue next week), we will unveil our invitation and a glimpse of the activities we'll offer next year. We wanted something catchy and funny, so we decided to make a slide show of pictures of our director all over campus "sampling" activities and planning for the conference. Essentially, we're going to start the slide show with a picture of Rob's desk flooded with applications and say, even though we've had record number of applications, Rob's focus has been entirely on planning for next year's Big Ten Admissions Director's Conference.

Then we've got shots of him everywhere....sailing on the lake, sporting Bucky's costume, jumping on the beds at the hotel we've reserved for the conference, sailing on the lake, shopping at the bookstore, and of course, milking a cow. It's good stuff. And Karen's working on a fabulous script to accompany the slide show.

It's been a great event to plan, since we have a somewhat unlimited budget with which to work. While of course much of their time will be filled with meetings, our tentative "fun" plans include a dinner cruise on Lake Monona, dinner at the Chancellor's house, a bus tour to Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesen in Spring Green, appearances from Bucky and the band, a traditional tailgate at the Union, and sailing on Lake Mendota.

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KO said...

OMG! This I cannot believe. That looked like a lot of fun to plan all the photos everywhere. I know you and Karen are going to rock the conference!