Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Apriplum Delight

Who ever knew there was a fruit called an “Apriplum,” a sweet hybrid, as the name suggests, of an "apricot" and "plum". I found these little treasures at Trader Joe’s over the weekend and have been addicted since. Where did these things come from? Genetically modified fruit? Have we entered an era of Frankenfruit?

In typical Trader Joe’s fashion, a cheerful TJ employee offered small cups of apriplums, coupled with blackberries and mascarpone cheese, at the sample counter this past Saturday. I’d like to digress for a moment and just say that I could never be the person who mans the sample counter. I think it would make me sick observing the masses greedily gobble samples all day. So now you know where I stand on that. But anyways, this TJ sample was particularly delightful. So much so, that I decided to purchase the apriplums, blackberries, AND mascarpone cheese. And if that’s not successful marketing results, I’m not sure what is!

And so, I have made myself this simple dessert for the last several nights. It is an amazing and delicate blend of flavors that play together so well. You must try this perfect summer dessert. Simple, colorful, fruity, cheesy, sweet, and refreshing. What more could a girl want?

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