Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Food Fun

I've had some nice "fall food fun" spottings lately. I found the top picture on my favorite foodie site, tastespotting.com. The oreo turkeys were originally featured on a food blog entitled "the hungry housewife." Ingredients include double stuff oreos, candy corns, milk balls, Reece's cups, and chocolate frosting. The original posting points out that a recipe is hardly needed...once you look at those little turkeys, you can pretty much figure out how to make them. If you need more assistance, check out the hungry housewife blog.

I found the pumpkin pictured in the second photo over the weekend at Fox and Obel, a gourmet food market in Chicago. I think pumpkin art is always fun, and I like the idea of using assorted vegetables for the eyes, hair, ears, etc. Very creative and food friendly. Hopefully these pictures will get your creative foodie juices flowing!

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