Friday, September 5, 2008

Iron Time!

Ironman Wisconsin
Sunday, September 7

Kristin's Bib Number: #103
Division: W25-29

Projected Split Times
Swim: 59 minutes (7-7:59am)
T1: 6 minutes (7:59-8:05am)
Bike: 6:10 (8:05am-2:15pm)
T2: 4 minutes (2:15-2:19pm)
Run: 3:54 (2:19-6:13pm)
Total: 11:15

Online Athlete Tracking
On Sunday morning, you will see a link for the Live Athlete Tracker on the home page of You can also access the coverage by navigating to Events and clicking on Ironman Wisconsin. You will be able to follow progress throughout the course with split times, pace, transition, and position information. Text updates, photos, and video coverage will also be available during the day.


Adam said...

I am so excited for you! You are such a good athlete! It was really fun watching you last year. Good Luck! -Beth

~Missy said...

GOOD LUCK! We'll be checking it out online and hope you do great!
Way to go, its so impressive that you are doing this race. You should be proud!
Have fun!

krd said...

i cant believe you predicted your time to a T. thats incredible in itself! GOOD JOB TODAY!!!!!! way to go. i am going to try and sign up tomorrow, hopefully it wont sell out at the site!

kelseyrule said...

um, and did you just qualify for kona???

Soupe said...

I just compared, and my goodness you were almost right on. Congrats you did awesome.

Catie said...

Wow, Congrats!! Aunt Jackie just emailed me and told me how well you did yesterday, that's very impressive.

Brodie said...

Could you possibly throw out some projected split times for me next year? Some fast ones maybe.... you seem to pretty much hit the nail on the head when you do.


Anonymous said...


Remarkable! Dude, you are Kona Bound!! I am speechless!!!

Holy Cow!!!!

Great job and COngratulations from Chicago!!!!!