Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The New "Bucky" Clock

Just recently, the five-story addition to Grainger Hall was completed, which now serves as home to Business graduate programs on the University of Wisconsin campus.

Part of the three year, $40 million dollar construction project included the demolition of a former bank and office building, and most notably, the removal of the widely celebrated “Bucky clock,” which hung on the old bank building (on the corner of University Avenue and Park Street) and served as a campus landmark for students and campus visitors. Bucky's arms always helped guide me to a timely arrival to classes at the adjacent School of Business.

In the last month, as part of the construction project, a new clock has been resurrected at the corner of University Avenue and Park Street. Meet the new "Bucky clock," sans Bucky. A new sleeker, modern, statuesque, perhaps phallic, campus icon. But still, I yearn for Bucky's sprightly limbs...

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Anonymous said...

Here they had an opportunity to extend something unique to UW, but instead pick something modern, plain, and ultimately boring. blah