Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Cookbook Library

For me, the definition of “friends with benefits” or “friends in high places” is friends with retail jobs. Just recently, through a friend who works at Williams-Sonoma, I have had the opportunity to borrow cookbooks of choice from the store’s extensive library. Essentially, I check-out a book and peruse the recipes/try out a few, and decide if I’d like to buy it. The problem, of course, is that I end up wanting to buy each one I borrow. I love cookbooks. My latest loaner is Giada De Laurentiis' "Everyday Pasta," which is her third and latest cookbook. Some of you might be familiar with Giada from the Food Network. As I have no cable access at home, I was not.

As soon as I borrowed the book, I spent an entire night curled up reading the fabulous recipes and admiring the beautiful pictures. The book is full of simple and completely unpretentious pasta dishes. Giada clearly knows Italian, and explains the recipes in a very clear way. She also seems very fun and approachable. I love the collection, and will be making my way through the recipes this month. Stay tuned! Who said the carbo loading needs to end post-Ironman?

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