Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just Say No to the Float in a Bottle

My Walgreens connection recently supplied me with a new and exciting product just released by A&W. Described as the "ultimate one-pour A&W ice cream float experience," it's creamy, it's frothy, and was created for our "busy lives and need for simple indulgence." The float is also available in Sunkist Soda Orange flavor. So far, so good, right?

I was ecstatic to have been connected with such a promising new product. Especially since I've enjoyed a root beer float almost every night for the past month ;) Instead of having to strain my muscles scooping vanilla ice cream, and carefully pour just the right amount of root beer, so as not to overflow the glass with foam, the prospect of a simpler and perhaps more delicious experience was enticing.

Unfortunately, my tasting experience left much to be desired. The "float" tasted oddly sweet, and the ice cream flavor seemed fake. Perhaps the orange float tastes better, so I can't rule that one out yet, but I certainly would not recommend the root beer float. It's an interesting and exciting concept, but I'm afraid this attempt has failed. I'd take a real float over the "float in a bottle" any day.

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