Friday, August 17, 2007

A Slice of Heaven

This afternoon, in honor of my friend Seif, I had Ian’s Pizza for lunch. Generally, I’m more of a brown-bagger, but today—perhaps conveniently—I forgot my lunch and was forced to search for sustenance on State Street. I was immediately drawn to Ian’s, where I ordered a huge slice of gooey Mac n’ Cheese (pictured, right). Seif’s favorite is Steak and Fries, and, I kid you not, whenever she comes back to Madison to relive her college days, she always goes to Ian’s and orders a half-year’s supply to bring home to freeze and eat later. There is no greater fan of Ian’s Pizza than Seif.

Which reminds me, I totally forgot to tell Seif that they are now doing Ian’s Pizza and Capital Brewery Beer cruises on Lake Monona. Seriously, here are the details. Thursday nights (5/31–9/27), $25 per adult, Betty Lou Cruises. You catch that, Seif? And Seif, you might also want to know that Ian’s Pizza is hosting a pizza eating contest on Library Mall on Saturday, September 1. And that’s totally when you’re going to be here for the weekend, right? (Seif is going to win.)

Mmm…Mac and Cheese Pizza. This is good stuff. A true comfort food. I’m not really one to wait for colder months to enjoy good comfort foods. I prefer to eat them throughout the year. Karen always makes fun of me because I’ll order chili during the summer, even on a ninety degree day. But the thing is, I need comfort always.

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