Friday, August 3, 2007

Vacation Time

Finally, the day I have been waiting for all summer has come. In a few short hours, I will be on my way to paradise—Green Lake, Wisconsin—for an uninterrupted ten-day vacation with my best friend.

For the most part, I intend to lie on Fun Island (pictured, right) and read. And I must not forget that the next two weekends will need to be crazy intense with final Ironman preparations. 80 mile bike/20 mile run this weekend. And 100 mile bike/22 mile run next weekend. Other than that, we’ll be swimming, boating, eating ice cream, grilling out, and other typical lake activities. We’re planning to start out with my favorite fish fry at the Mecan River Lodge tonight, and we’ll be racing the Ripon Triathlon, a short sprint-distance race, tomorrow morning. Next Friday, my family will be coming to the Lake to spend a couple days with us. I’m very excited to share Green Lake with them. We’re also planning to head to the driving range, and possibly play my first round of golf later in the week—which should be quite entertaining. Karen is an extraordinarily talented golfer, and she’s been trying to get me out there for the last three summers. Finally, I have agreed to try.

Without an internet connection at the lake house, sadly, there will not be many blog updates next week. Karen and I will, however, need to take a few short cyber café breaks to catch up on work e-mail throughout the week, so there may be an unexpected surprise at some point. Signing out. K.

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