Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tea Time!

Check out this great vintage teacup and saucer clock made by Danny Seo, author of Simply Green Parties and Simply Green Giving. I just love craft projects like this that are so unique, but totally reproducible. I think I just might design a clock like this for my kitchen. Karen has a fabulous collection of vintage egg cups displayed in our kitchen, and I think a clock like this one would very much compliment that collection. Danny simply glued teacups and saucers to a piece of wood, and then added a dial in the center for a fun and stylish piece.

Danny’s is a great blog; you must check it out. I was very happy to see his blog posting on August 8th, titled “Trophy Antlers?” In it, Danny writes that, “As I’ve been scouting homes and stores for Country Home magazine, I’ve seen a trend of vintage trophy antlers and stag heads grouped into collections as part of the home design.” Love it. I’m sure that some of you think my interior design tastes are a little whacky, but I much prefer the terms stylish and unique. Danny's blog posting totally validates my recent antler purchase, thank you very much. Not that I needed to be validated. Obviously.

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krd said...

that looks like something out of readymade - have you seen that magazine? its pretty great.. i havent had enoght tiem to try anything out though...itsnt that life.