Friday, August 17, 2007

Table A-Go-Go

Table in a Bag, Crate and Barrel, $39.95

Blowing out the candles!

Opening presents on the boat, I am slightly confused by the plastic wine glasses, until my mom tells me about the table that goes with them, waiting in the car!

One of my favorite birthday presents from my parents this year was a Table in a Bag from Crate and Barrel. The hardwood table, perfect for picnics and camping and touted online as a "Table a-go-go," collapses into a canvas bag for easy transport, and measures 30" sq. x 17" H when set up. Several people use these tables during the Concerts on the Square that I regularly attend during the summers, and I have been admiring them for quite some time. I just had no idea where to find them. And that's where Jackie stepped in. My mom saw that I was admiring these tables when she and my dad came to join me for a concert last month. My mom later saw the table again at a concert in Milwaukee, and marched up to the people to ask where they purchased it. Nice work, Jackie! In the last few years, my mom has become a master in finding the perfect gifts for me. She's obviously very perceptive when I talk about things I like.

So I love my new table, and I'm so excited to use it at next year's concerts, and hopefully before then. It looks so cool when people have their picnic foods spread across it, along with a few candles, and several low-height chairs set up around it. Very vogue, and also much more comfortable than sitting on the ground. Love it. Great product, and the price is definitely right.


kels said...

hey happy birthday.. (obviously belated..sorry)

Tim and Jackie said...

Well I really didn't march over to the couple who had the table, I moseyed over there. The lady was a walking advertisement for Crate and Barrel and told me she bought a table for each of her three daughters. I thought heck if she bought 4 of them, they must be pretty good. Glad that you like it. Too bad your father and brother are not as easy to buy for thier birthdays.