Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beer, Bikes, & Big Wheels

This weekend I’m volunteering at an urban adventure race that is taking place in Madison on Sunday. It’s the Trek Urban Assault Ride, and involves a crazy bike scavenger hunt with checkpoints around the city offering various obstacle courses (e.g., Big Wheels, the Keg Walk, Inflatable Slides, etc.). In addition to Madison, Urban Assault races have been offered this summer in Seattle, Portland, Austin, Fort Collins, Denver, Minneapolis, and Chicago.

I’ll be volunteering at the Princeton Club check-point, which will feature an obstacle course requiring riders to pick up pennies using oven mitts and fill a jar. My task: to shoot them with a super soaker and make it a little more difficult. And after the race, there’s a huge post-party featuring Capital Brewery beer and Chipotle burritos, which I’ve also been invited to attend. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. I’m excited for some super soaker action and to check out the race.


kels said...

ya! New Belgium!!

Its great to be back on mad city girl
more to come

kels said...

hey there-
how difficult is the sign up for the ironman? Do i need to be on the computer, on the phone? Can i sign up for my brother??

we are planning on doing one together sometime soon.... and Wisco would be great.
give me the scoop when you get a chance! thanksss!

kelly said...

This is the kind of stuff you should cross-post on dailymile. :)

kels said...

whats my invite code ;)