Monday, August 18, 2008

Kristin Gets Salty

The corn "rejects"

Kristin, Kim, and Matt shucking the corn

The butter table

The salt tree

Matt and Kim loading 'em up

Matt and Kim enjoying corn and R&B music

It was a summer weekend full of festivals options. I chose Corn Festival in Sun Prairie on Saturday, followed by Irish Fest in Milwaukee on Sunday. Lots of townies, greasy food, good music, and excellent people watching.

Above are pictures from Corn Fest. It was an interesting experience. The corn was fantastic, straight from the farm that morning. By the time we arrived at the grounds around 5ish, the place was packed and there was a very long line for the corn tent. Luckily, it moved fast, and in no time, we were filling our basket with ears (10), then off to seperate areas for shucking, buttering, and salting. Love that salty goodness. I was feeling particularly salty after losing so much during my 100-mile bike ride earlier in the day, so I really poured it on. But when do I not?

I suppose corn fest was what I expected. I think it's like many things, something I needed to try once, but I'm not feeling particularly compelled to get it on my calendar right away for next year. I had fun with Kim, Matt, and Karen, but we'd probably have had just as much fun or more cooking up a huge batch of corn at home. So that's my take on Corn Fest. Gotta do it once for the experience. But once is probably enough for me. Maybe I'll host my own corn fest next year. Salt shaker necklaces for all.

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