Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trigger Happy

Volunteering at the Trek Urban Assault bicycle adventure race on Sunday morning was an awesome experience. For three and-a-half hours, my job was to soak competitors with a super soaker water gun, while they attempted to gather wooden nickles that were scattered across an astro turf field, while wearing tedious oven mitts, and fill a stationary bowl.

The whole experience was so much fun—it was a beautiful day, the other volunteers were great, the race was extremely organized, yet relatively laid back, and I obviously loved wielding a highly powerful squirt gun and the authority to douse competitors in cold water. For the most part, the racers totally enjoyed the experience and were cracking jokes the whole time. There were a few competitors, however, that were not at all happy to be targeted, and I did receive some very dirty glares. This, of course, only encouraged me to squirt that particular competitor even harder and longer. Needless to say, they left a little wet.

Great race, great volunteer experience. I’m now trying to convince Karen to sign up with me next year, and my parents to sign up as a team as well.

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Jackie said...

You look so funny in that hat!