Monday, August 4, 2008

Ripon Medical Center Triathlon (Green Lake, WI)

Driving to the race site via pontoon boat at 6:20am

Kate, Kristin, Karen, Julie, and Jen

Kristin setting up transition area

Kristin and Karen pre-race

Speedy transition from bike to run

Post-race rehydration

Karen cruising to the finish line

Jen and Kate celebrating a team victory

Group photo back home

I had an incredible weekend with friends at Green Lake. It was a full house with Kate, Jen, Kim, Karen, Karen’s sister Martha’s family (Martha, Brian, and the three girls—Megan, Emma, and Allie), and myself. Yesterday, several of us competed in the 10th annual Ripon Medical Triathlon. The race takes place on the grounds of the Green Lake Conference Center, which is a short boat ride from Karen’s family’s house. My favorite part of the race is being able to arrive in style, straight off the pontoon with our bikes in tow.

The race went well. Besides race delays caused by supposed early morning engine failures resulting in the postponement of swim buoy placement, the race was very organized and went off without a hitch. I loved the long course race, which features a 1.5k swim in the pristine waters of Green Lake, a 24-mile bike ride along the rolling hills of Green Lake County, and a 10k run through the wooded grounds of the Green Lake Conference Center.

As a group we did well. Kate, Jen, and Megan (age 9!) placed first among all-female teams in the Short Course race, Karen was second in her age group, and I was the overall female winner of the Long Course triathlon. Impressive, right? As long as you don’t know that there was only one female team in the short-course race, two people in Karen’s age group, and a mere 28 female entrants in the Long Course race. Just pretend you don't know that part.

I was most happy with my performance in the run leg of the race. I ran my fastest 10k time within a triathlon—46:26, which equates to approximately 7:30 miles. I definitely sped things up at the turnaround when I saw three very fast looking females closing the gap behind me. Astonishingly, I was able to hold them off. The swim felt good, but very long. And I didn’t have my wet suit, since it’s out of commission with zipper issues, so I definitely felt the drag of swimming in my tri shorts and top. The bike was also good, and I very much enjoyed the smooth, curving roads.

Today I start the toughest week of my Ironman training plan. Over the weekend, I’ll work to complete a 112-mile ride on the Ironman bike course, followed by a 22-mile run the next morning on very tired legs. The week will be trying and exhausting, but at least I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s always nice to have small rewards along the way, like a lucky win at the Ripon Medical Triathlon!


~Missy said...

Thats fantastic! I would definately leave out the few women factor-finishing on top has to be a victory!
How fun for you all to do it together!

Beth said...

Did you wear shoes Kristin?

kristinleigh said... bike shoes are still clipped in on my bike. I just slip out of them at the end of the bike so I can quickly run and transition to the run!