Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Birthday Whilwind

Willy Porter concert at the Union Terrace
Karen at the farmer's market

Mom and Kristin sample at New Glarus Brewing Company

Kristin and Dad

Surprise birthday party!

Green Lake Art Fair

Moonlight cruise

The last five days have been a whirlwind of anticipation, great friends, surprises, exhaustion, and extreme happiness. As many of you know, this past Saturday marked my 27th birthday. In five short days, I managed to cram in the following:
  • A 100-mile bike ride, complete with two flat tires, much frustration, 40-minutes at the bike shop, and unknown quantities of Lemon Lime Gatorade and Cliff Gu Blocks
  • A very distressing $400 repair bill at the bike shop--all in the name of Ironman

  • A surprise Friday night dinner at my favorite restaurant, the Weary Traveler, complete with my favorite meal, the West of the Andes Sandwich, followed by ice cream and a Willy Porter concert at the Memorial Union Terrace

  • A lovely Saturday morning stroll at the Farmer's Market and a shout-out from the cute guy at the RP pasta booth (he said he liked my shirt)

  • Beer tasting and a rudely interrupted brewery tour with my parents at the New Glarus Brewing Company (home of the Spotted Cow)

  • A surprise birthday party thrown by my best friend, Karen, which included a backyard barbeque and an amazing evening with my parents and many of my closest friends--definitely the highlight of the weekend

  • A solid 22-mile run around Lake Monona (twice)

  • Two meals at Jimmy John's (#4 with chips) and two meals at Culver's (single butter burger with cheese basket)
  • A leisurely Sunday stroll through the Green Lake Art Fair

  • A fancy Sunday night dinner at Norton's of Green Lake Restaurant
  • Much reading and relaxing on the pier overlooking Green Lake, as well as a few pontoon boat rides

  • Much disappointment and consternation over John Edwards' extra-marital affair, and many heart-felt moments for Elizabeth
  • A very bad head cold and several doses of decongestants (perhaps the ultimate result of my whirlwind weekend)

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