Friday, August 15, 2008

It's Raining Salt. Hallelujah.

I love summer festivals, and this weekend promises my fair share.

Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be hitting up the Sweet Corn Festival in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Admission is $1, and a whopping 70 tons of sweet corn will be available throughout the weekend. Approximately 16-18 tons of corn are delivered to the grounds twice a day. The corn is placed in iron baskets and then into giant steamers. Once cooked, the ears are passed to the buttering table, followed by a final stop at the “salt tree,” which are hanging dispensers (pictured left--looks like a forest to me). A tote of corn is $6 and single ears are $1.50. Uncooked corn is also available for purchase. Entertainment includes a carnival-midway, live bands, and petting zoo. I have wanted to go to the Sweet Corn Festival for years, so I’m very excited.

Then on Sunday, I’m heading to Irish Fest in Milwaukee, which is the largest celebration of Irish music and culture in the world, and the largest annual ethnic festival held at the Summerfest grounds. There, my friends and I plan to enjoy traditional Irish music, foods (like corned beef, fish ‘n chips, brats, and stew), dancing, and art, as well as the beautiful lakefront setting.

Should be a good time. I can't wait for the salt tree and good people watching.

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