Friday, June 29, 2007

Lunch Break Diversions

Over my lunch break today, I took a stroll down State Street to do a little window shopping. It’s a pleasant day in Madison—sunny skies, slightly cooler temps, and a whole lot of activity on State Street, which is actually pretty common for a Friday afternoon. The street was overtaken by professionals from the capitol and university enjoying lunch at one of the many sidewalk cafes, as well as several groups of kids in matching t-shirts who seemed to be on campus attending Badger athletic camps.

Anyways, I eventually wandered into Urban Outfitters, which happens to be my brother’s favorite clothing store. I don’t usually buy a whole lot from Urban Outfitters, I actually much prefer the company’s sister store—the more sophisticated Anthropologie. Alas, it’s a whole hell of a lot more expensive than Urban, so I can usually only justify about one item per year. But those few items are probably among the best in my closet. There’s a great Anthro in Nevada close to where my parents live, so that’s usually where I find my annual item of choice.

Today, however, I had a little luck at Urban. I found a very cool Branch Jewelry Stand ($26) for my bedroom. I’ve been on a bit of a necklace kick lately, and figured it would be the perfect way to display my new strands. It's a coated alumninum branch on a velvet-lined base. I think it’s a bit funky and retro, but still sweet and feminine, so it should fit in perfectly.


kelsey said...

do you remember ripon college swim camp- ha!

kristinleigh said...

Ripon College Swim Camp...I think I missed that one. What about K & K Swim Camp? I think that deserves a post! I'll get on that one next week ;)

kelsey said...

what? are you serious? who what there then. no wonder it was so boring.