Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Chicago River Trip

This past Saturday was Royce's birthday. The Big 2-9. I always did like older men. Anyways, we celebrated on his boat with his parents and his friend, Ben. Despite the unseasonably warm temperatures, it was time to take the boat in for the season. This necessitated a trip down (or is it up?) the Chicago River to it's final place of rest during the colder months (R.I.P, Virago). The trip was a very cool experience, as each bridge needed to be lifted so we could pass through. It did take quite a while to pass through about two dozen bridges. Royce had heard it was a three hour journey, but it actually ended up taking more like eight or nine hours!

After about five hours on the boat, needing to get out of the sun and back to the suburbs were I was meeting Karen and her family for a pre-marathon pasta dinner, I hopped off the boat and walked back to my car near the Monroe harbor. I had a great day crusing on the river. The trip was so incredibly scenic just seeing Chicago from a different vantagepoint, and we had a really good time--except for when Royce fell and cracked his head open while bringing the sail down to the main cabin (the wound has since been stapled and all is good). It was nice to spend time with Royce on his birthday, and I love his parents. They are hilarious. I don't know why I was ever so nervous to meet them. I knew everything would be okay when just before I met them for dinner for the first time, Royce told me that his mom wanted him to tell me that she was sharpening her teeth. he he.

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kelsey said...

hey! congrats on the marathon! i need to add you to my congrats list!!!

im not sure which dress it is...and the more i think about it ..the more i feel like i should recycle an old dress... since im trying to save save save:)

did you see the video clip of the womens finish? its intense!! i put it up on my blog... were you just dying from the heat? when we ran in fl in dec (should be cold) it was pretty much same conditions..but we had a lot of cups and water... sounds heinous. my other friend was trying for her olympic trial cut.. but just said forget it half way thru...it was just too damn hot.

that sail boat looks sweet. ;)