Friday, October 12, 2007

Fall's Favorite Treats

Sometimes when you're feeling a little down under the weather (like I am today), you need to treat yourself with the small stuff. The following five fall treats are guaranteed to put a little smile on your face and perhaps an extra bounce in your step. Enjoy!

1. Einstein's pumpkin bagel with pumpkin "shmear"- you've heard me tout this fall classic before. 'Nough said.

2. Starbuck's Carmel Apple Spice - worked for me today. Smooth and sweet.

3. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies - I will share this very top secret recipe on Monday. Karen and I can't keep enough of these things stocked in our freezer. Yes, you read correctly, you store them in the freezer after baking and eat them cold. It's the secret touch.

4. Emily's pumpkin bread - My friend Emily brough over the most amazing pumpkin bread the other day. I haven't stopped eating it since. I requested the recipe from Emily, which she generously shared. I'll post it on Monday.

5. Blue Moon's seasonal pumpkin ale - This beer claims to be pumpkin flavored, but I simply cannot taste it. Despite its non-pumpkin taste, it is pumpkin colored, and you can't beat a name like Harvest Moon.

1 comment:

Jackie said...

Look forward to the recipes. Your fall pumpkin foods and drinks sound really good. Makes me wish I was back in Wisconsin......