Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Last Installment of Door County Pics

This is the final installment of pictures from last weekend's adventure in Door County. Although we had head home on Sunday, we still had a great day and enjoyed more activities in Door County. We awoke early to go into town to get coffee, and then sat by the campfire while Royce read to me from the book I had bought him for his birthday--African Tales by Harold Scheub. The reason behind the birthday present was that Royce and I at one point discovered that we had the same "favorite class" in college. It was African Storyteller 210 with Harold Scheub. Harold Scheub is the most amazing, inspirational teacher ever, and his class at UW is phenomenal. But more on that later...

Anyhow, we enjoyed several of the stories before starting in on our pumpkin carving. Royce was pretty intense when it came to carving his pumpkin. He chose a challenging design and did great work. I was feeling lazy and picked a simpler pattern. I think we did great work. From there, we packed up camp and then headed out for a final adventure--the long climb up the look out tower in Peninsula State Park. The view from the tower was phenomenal and a great way to end our time in Door County. That night, when we arrived back in Madison, we enjoyed dinner with Royce's parents at their house. They are lovely and it has been great to get to know them better. And that was my weekend!

Now I am getting ready to leave tomorrow for New Orleans. Royce has a friend's wedding to attend there, and I am his going as his date :) I'll also be exploring New Orleans for the very first time! So much to do, so much to do, before I leave. I'll be away from the computer tomorrow and Friday, but back with plenty of updates next week!


Missy said...

Hey Kristin, Great Blog! I love your pictures from Door County, it looks like an awesome time! Such gorgeous colors. My mom sent me the link to your blog, and your moms, they are both great! -Missy Moerman (legg)

kelsey said...

not sure if youll get this in time- but when you are down at the french quarter.. you MUST check out preservation hall. its really something... basically a shrine to New orleans jazz, compelete with a band with members in there 70's. it really is something special.

check out
have FUN! have an beignet for me!!

ps loved the door county excursion. you two are too cute. thats a lot of toos.

kelsey said...

i just misspelled their..there. oh boo.

kristinleigh said...

Kels-Royce's parents told us to check out preservation hall as well! Thanks for the tip!! I'll def. try to get there!

Thanks, Missy! I enjoy reading your blog as well :) It makes me very much look forward to life as a mother! Someday ;)