Monday, October 8, 2007

Let's Go Red!

Pre-game with my water polo girls! (Mary, Marisa, Becca, and Kristin)

Wisconsin vs. Michigan State

Kristin and Karen sporting red from the upper deck

So lots of catching up to do since I've been MIA for an entire week. I will attempt to do updates in chronological order, beginning with the Wisconsin vs. Michigan State football game on September 29th. As I mentioned before, this was the first Badger game that I had been to since the fall of 2002 during my senior year of college. It was fascinating to observe how much things have changed in such a short time. During my time away, the stadium was massively expanded and renovated. It looks great and the expanded sea of red must be more intimidating than ever for the opposing team.

But some things never change. The pre-game tailgating was alive and kicking as always. I had a reunion tailgate party with my college friends Mary, Becca, and Marisa, all of whom played on the water polo team with me at Wisconsin. Everyone was in from across the country--Marisa from Cali, Becca from Colorado, and Mary from Chicago. It was great to catch up with those girls! I hadn't seen most of them since college, and being together again felt as if we had never been apart. The four of us were truly partners in crime during our days on the water polo team at UW. And they're still crazy bitches (and I mean this in the most lovingly way.)

The game itself was very exciting. Karen and I had tickets in the upper deck of section K. While it was sad to not be sitting in the crazy student section for the very first time, I have to admit that it was quite a relief to be able to sit for most of the game without being called an "ass hole". It was Karen's first Wisconsin game, so I had a great time teaching her all of the cheers and introducing her to the fifth quarter. Despite a close game into the fourth quarter, victory ensued for the badgers in the end. The final game score was 37-34. On Wisconsin!

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