Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Saturday in Door County

Breakfast at the White Gull Inn--Door County cherry stuffed french toast.

Riding our rented tandem bike on the Sunset Trail. Royce, keep your hands on the bike!

Beautiful view of the lake.

EagleBluff Lighthouse

The bf.

Taking a seat at the amphitheater. My family used to come here for shows all the time when camping at Peninsula State Park (back when I was just a wee one). Ahh...such sweet memories. "This land is your land, this land is my land..."

Wine tasting at Orchard Country Winery and Cider Mill

Our Haunted Trolley Tour of Door County!


I am a bowling rock star--and never even knew! Look at the form! I totally dominated the 3-game series.

Cheers! And on to a late dinner at Mission Grill in Sister Bay.

Here are pictures from our fun-filled Saturday in Door County. Seriously, the activity never stopped from the moment we awoke that morning. I think it's pretty obvious from the pictures above that both Royce and I share a very similar zest for life!

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TimandJack said...

I like the quilt on the bed.