Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Green Lake Pics

Allie and John catch a big one!

Aunt Karen with Allie, Emma, and Megan on the 4th of July

Launching fun island (first attempt...there was a leak and the island quickly deflated once it was out to sea. Luckily, as of Sunday night, fun island is back and leak free, thanks to Karen and Kate's patching expertise).

Allie asks Uncle John to "bump it up." It was the cutest thing ever when Allie would come up to me throughout the weekend and be like, "Kristin, bump it up?" and she'd stick out her little fist.

Kristin and Karen, ready to watch the Green Lake fireworks

Megan and Kristin breaking out festive glow necklaces for the fireworks

The whole boat is glowing!

Kate, Jen, and Kristin at the Princeton flea market. Seven of us went to the flea market and decided on a little contest...each of us had $2 to find the perfect item. Later that day, we'd present our chosen item to the entire group, and vote on the best!

Kristin proudly presents her flea market find, Sahara, the newest fun island "service animal", which is essentially a plastic snake or creature that lays on fun island and magically keeps birds from doing their thing on fun island. Very effective.

Other presented flea market items included an Asian fan, egg cups, cheese curds, washer traps, bandannas for "blind folded tether ball," and plastic swords for the girls to fence. Each person (all 11 of us) had 2 votes. I'm happy to report that I won by one vote. I knew I had a winner when I first set my eyes on Sahara. The Mittelstadt's take their service animals very seriously.

Playing a very exciting match of tether ball with Kate

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