Thursday, July 31, 2008


I had a nice time at last night's final concert on the square. It was just Kim, Jill, and I, and between the three of us, we brought over six lemon-themed dishes. I, of course, brought the lemon tart and also some lemon drop cookies. Jill brought a lemonade vodka concoction and lemon-flavored beans. Kim also brought lemon cookies, and lemon pepper pasta (from trader Joe's--pictured, right) with basil and lemon olive oil dressing.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so no pictures this time, but I can assure you that the spread was beautiful. So much, in fact, that two random concert-goers approached us during our picnic and said they were amazed with our spread and wanted to know more about each of our items. They were particularly enamored with Kim's pasta, which was not only beautiful, but vibrantly fresh and flavorful.

Last night's concert was pretty neat, too. It was the last concert of the 25th season, and featured a theme of "Our Town," and many performances based on life in Madison. The show ended with a rock music-themed pyrotechnics light show, which seemed to me like an odd way to end a symphony concert, but I suppose it was the next best thing to fireworks. And so another concert season ends. And a year of waiting ensues.

At least I can eat away my sorrow at Fresco tonight...

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