Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Tragic Day for Bicyclists in Wisconsin

Two local endurance athletes were tragically struck by an intoxicated motorist last night in the town of Raymond.

Nancy Sellars, 48, of Franklin, a four-time Ironman triathlon finisher, among many other impressive endurance accomplishments, died early this morning at Froedtert Hospital in the Milwaukee area. More details on the incident in the recently updated Journal Times article.

Sadly, it was not the only incident of the day, as bicyclist David Brandenburg, 63, was also killed Wednesday morning when a semitrailer struck him on Highway A in the town of Trenton, in Dodge County.

Words cannot express the tragedy of these events. It's very scary to think that every day I am out on my bike, enjoying one of life's greatest pleasures, my life is at risk to irresponsible drivers.

Please share the road and drive responsibly. Cyclists, be safe and smart. And please keep these incidents, victims, and the families and loved ones of those involved, in your thoughts.

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