Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Threw Down at Goodwill

Pictured above is my new craft studio—er, basement. With too many craft projects in the works to keep track of, I have set up shop (a table) in the basement to centralize everything. As you can see, I also kept busy over the past weekend collecting new pieces for my latest craft project (tiered dessert trays and cake plates, posted Friday). One could say I “threw down” at Goodwill. But hey, one must spend money to make money.

So here’s my latest vision. I am going to set up my very own Esty shop. Etsy is essentially a Web site where you can buy and sell all things handmade. Following the tradition of open craft fairs, the site gives crafters a personal storefront where they can list their goods for a fee (a listing fee of 20 cents per item, and 3.5% of every sale). It’s sort of like a cross between Ebay and a craft fair.

Anyhow, my plan is to set up shop and see what happens. I figure I’ll start by listing 5-10 items. I’ve seen similar dessert trays going for $40, but I figure I can go $20 and totally undercut the competition. And soon, I will be rich [evil laugh].

So, obviously, I don’t expect to make much money, but I do think it will be fun and entertaining. Having a shop on the web will be cool, but I also really want to sit behind a table at a real live craft fair. Not every weekend, but like once or twice a year. And I know that some local venues—namely the High Noon Saloon and Lazy Janes—occasionally host craft fairs for local Etsy members, so perhaps I could be a part of that.

Who knows. The possibilities are endless. But obviously my mind is churning and running, and I simply must act on my vision. I’ll let you know when I complete my 5-10 items and launch my Etsy business! Just wanted to give you a preview and build anticipation!

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