Monday, July 28, 2008

Iron Drain

Tired. Overwhelmed. Moody. Menstrual.

It's not pretty. Last week marked my toughest Ironman training week yet, and it only gets worse from here until about mid-August. Here's a glimpse of last week's training:

Monday: Swim 40 mins.
Tuesday: Run 3 miles, Bike 38 miles
Wednesday: 7-mile run (2-mile warm-up, Yasso's 6 x 800's, 3:25, 3:23, 3:14, 3:23, 3:22, 3:25, 2-mile cool-down)
Thursday: Bike 30 mins. (spinning drills)
Friday: Swim 25 mins., Run 5 miles
Saturday: Bike 102 miles (16.7 mph)
Sunday: Run 21 miles

That's almost 190 miles in one week. Luckily the training is going well and I'm still injury-free (which is always a miracle in and of itself), but all of the miles are definitely taking their toll. I keep telling myself that I have to put in the miles now to feel strong during the race, but sometimes it's so hard to keep going.

I always have to pause and remember what it feels like to cross that finish line. The thought alone gives me goosebumps, and keeps me pushing through the pain and exhaustion. Only 40 more days until race day...

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Beth said...

You are awesome!